Announcement of Vacancies in Civil Service

No. 30 is the document
Release date Septembeer 25th

  1. Introduction
    1.1 This circular is published weekly except in December and.
    Vacancies and job announcements for civil service departments.
    1.2 Despite the fact that a circular was issued by the Department of Civil Service Administration
    The Department is not responsible for the content of the advertisement. Question a
    Advertisements must be addressed to the appropriate advertising department.
  2. Instructions for Candidates
    2.1 The applicant’s training, qualifications, qualifications, .
    Knowledge and experience (if necessary, on a separate page or resume), which must be submitted to the address
    Division where there is space. NB! Potential APTUIDENTS must
    Please use the new Z83 reception 1 January 2021.
    2.2 Candidates should quote the vacancy number in their application form.
    2.3 Candidates who wish to receive additional information about the promoted position should send in their inquiries
    Division where there is space. Department of Civil Service and Administration
    Such information should not be requested.
    2.4 It is necessary to ensure that applications go to the relevant advertising departments sooner or later
    Closing dates apply.
  3. Instructions to departments
    3.1 The contents of this circular must be communicated to all employees.
    3.2 Employees recognized as redundant are required to report declared vacancies.
    Potential candidates from the Additional Reserve need to be assisted in applying for vacancies in a timely manner
    and participation in interviews where necessary.
    3.3 Where vacancies are identified to promote representation, the provisions of section 15 shall apply
    20 of the Employment (Affirmative Action) Act 1998 (Workforce Equity Scheme)
    Must be implemented. It must be stated that such vacancies are advertised in nature
    The persons who fill in the blanks and represent.
    Transfer/appropriation promotes representation, takes precedence.
    3.4 Applicants should be evaluated and selected in accordance with the applicable eligibility criteria
    Working in the civil service.
    Initial certificate with 4 sms
  4. 4.1 To access the SMS pre-entry certificate course and for further details, please click on the following link:
  5. For more information regarding
  6. the course please visit the NSG website:

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