Electrician needed – ENER21060 – (2300005F

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Application Number: ENER21060
Occupation: Electrician

Department: Energy
Section: Operations and Maintenance
Salary: R 373 764 – R 512 736 per annum (Plus benefits)

Major Responsibilities:

·        Maintained, repaired and maintained the LV, MV and HV distribution network to maintain uninterrupted service

·        Inspection, repair and replacement of LPU electric meters

·        Inspection, repair and replacement of current and voltage transformer connected electricity meters

·         Maintain civilian rescue equipment to provide an acceptable level of service

·         Electrical wiring of buildings associated with Substations and Energy distribution Business Unit to comply with statutory requirements

·        Follow hygiene regulations as required by the OHS Act

·         Perform administrative and routine duties to improve productivity and service delivery

Relevant skills

Minimum requirements: .

·         Accredited Electrician Trade Examination Certificate

·         Knowledge of Municipal Distribution Network

· Valid Code C1 Driving License and PrDP

·                                                                                                                                                                                                              After the same experience

Interested and experienced candidates in these challenging and exciting positions are invited to apply via the online application form attached to the advertisement on the City of Ekurhuleni website (www.ekurhuleni .gov.za).

Enquiries: Phone: 0860 54 3000; Email: kuwa.centre@ekurhuleni.gov.za

Candidates may be asked to provide evidence of the relevant NQF level of the qualifications gained.

If candidates are not informed of the outcome of the application within six weeks of the closing date, it should be considered unsuccessful. The City of Ekurhuleni adheres to the principles of the Employment Equality Act and the right to vote is not a suffrage or a marginal vote.

Headquarters: South Africa-Gauteng-Corporate
Areas of service: Agencies
Occupation: Electrician: Distribution|Specialist, Course, Jr Mgmt, Supervisors, Foreman and Superintendent|
Organization: Department of Energy (2019)

 A full-time job

Walking: Not at all
Job Posted: 23-Aug-2023, 4:01:59 am

apply using an online application system attached to the advertisement on the website of the City of Ekurhuleni (www.ekurhuleni.gov.za).http://apply using an online application system attached to the advertisement on the website of the City of Ekurhuleni (www.ekurhuleni.gov.za).

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