Hospital Cleaners record NO. REF: CHBAH 669 (X6 entries)

Directory: Radiology
Salary: Rubles 906,540 per annum (including all packages)
Centre: Chris Hani Barragwanath Academic Hospital, Charlotte McKay Johannesburg
Academic Hospital
Requirements: Qualifications required for registration as a medical practitioner with the HPCSA

Practitioner, HPCSA registration as an independent practitioner
2023/2024 with Diploma/1. There should be a part in the concerned department. contact
Works as Medical Officer in concerned department.

Training opportunities are available
They can be found in the radiology department among others.
Duties: The incumbent will be responsible for interviewing testing diagnosing and
Assists supervises the performance of administrative tasks related to patients
With participation in all disciplinary activities related to education and research
Activates prepares and writes reports maintains contacts and
Communication services and communication with the community.

Supervision of young doctors
(undergraduate students interns and civil service doctors). you want
To work overtime. Participation in relevant management meeting eg
Mortality meetings close meetings and MEDICO legal compliance
Timely documentation (eg death certificate). Improving the quality of care
Providing appropriate clinical care. Reduce the number of medical cases with sports
Good clinical ethics. Implementation and control of the national framework
Standards (norms and standards). Participate in a multidisciplinary team
Patient management. Related to behavioral processes
Patient care. Participating in departmental meetings journal clubs files
Performances lectures and class visits. Ensure that the administration or
Accounts are in the department. Display after hours (at night,
on weekends and holidays) continuous non-stop care service
Registries are responsible among other things for conducting patient clinical trials
Services patient evaluation and treatment clerk rotates
Through recognized departments of various hospitals including service hospitals
In its special educational programs. Clerks are jointly appointed
Between the Gauteng Provincial Government and another third party
Institutions: University of the Witwatersrand (WITS). Patience
Activity management and development system (contract, quarterly
revision and final evaluation).
Contact: Prof Mungomezulu

Tel: (011) 933 8393/0193
Application: Applicants should submit to Chris Haney Human Resources
Bairagwanath Academic (CHBAH), 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Presented by CHBAH
Down to ground floor main administration building or sent to Director: Man
Source: Chris Hani Bairagwanath Academic Hospital, Private Bag X01,
Pimville, 1808.

(Note that he received application forms for the institution
After the end of advertising, regardless of the reason, it will not happen
Note: Use link as subject. Applications must be submitted
A new version of the Z83.

You can get the application form from any government office
Department or online at

The new Z83
Must be fully charged (see Z83 special notes at left
legibility), must be signed and countersigned.

Where on the Z83 section
It was made mandatory for the state to have a health ministry.

based on
Department of Public Service and Public Administration (VPTA) Circular 19. 2022,
Applicants are not required to submit a copy of their qualification or service card
And other relevant documents should be submitted as requested but filled in completely
Z83 and extended CV.

Your resume should be up to date
Updated: All experiences should be in chronological order
Order specifying and clarifying position authority and relevant dates
Start and End Period (DD/MM/YYYY).

Information about the new Z83
Must be synchronized with resume.

We accept only selected candidates
Attested copies of qualifications and services are requested/requested
Certificates, other relevant documents during or before the interview as well as the candidate
Foreign qualifications must be submitted
South African Department of Qualifications Assessment Certificate
Authority (SAQA).

Personal Proficiency Check (PSC) – Screening
(Identify controls – provide at least 3 of which should be immediate
The Manager Department reserves the right to audit
Without specific names if necessary.

Without giving all the important points
Information submitted prior to the above submission will be disqualified
Enrollment Identity Check Eligibility Certificate, Criminal Record
Checks credit/financial stability checks and employment checks.

If you
They were not contacted within three (3) months of the deadline
Acknowledge that your application was unsuccessful. Recommended candidates
Can be saved

Apply here

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