Notice of competition in public offices

Book no. 30th century
Release date August 25th

  1. Introduction
    1.1 This publication is published weekly except in December and includes.
    There are vacancies and job advertisements in government departments.
    1.2 Although the certificate is issued by the National Institute of Labor and Employment, the Department.
    The company is not responsible for the content of the advertisement. Questions about.
    Ads should be placed with advertising agencies that they own.
  2. Addressed to the candidate
    2.1 Application in Form Z83 Applicant’s education, qualifications, abilities, .
    Knowledge and experience (on separate form or CV if applicable) must be submitted.
    The department in which the vacant post/position is located(s). NB: Must required application
    January 01 Use NEW Z83
    2.2 Candidates must indicate the postal code in their application form.
    2.3 Candidates seeking further information about the advertised position should direct their inquiries
    to the company in which the company is located. Public Employees and Labor Department
    They should not be approached for such information.
    2.4 The application should be ensured to reach the advertising agencies concerned on or before the date.
    Effective Date.
  3. Written for companies
    3.1 The information contained in this form must be communicated to all employees.
    3.2 It should be ensured that the advertised vacancies are notified to the declared sufficient number of employees.
    Candidates from extreme groups should be helped to apply for vacancies in a timely manner
    and appearance, interviews where appropriate.
    3.3 Where vacancies are identified to increase representation, the provisions of Sec
    (Assurance Measures) and 20 (Fair Employment Provisions) of the Fair Employment Act, 1998
    It must be used. Such companies should be advertised to show that they are advertised
    Representation to fill vacancies or candidates who.
    Promote opening/assignment representative, appointed.
    3.4 Screening and selection of candidates should be done according to appropriate criteria.
    Employment in the Civil Service.
    4 Pre-admission SMS certificate
  4. 1 To access the SMS pre-entry certificate course and for further details, please click on the following link:
  5. For more information regarding
  6. the course please visit the NSG website:

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